Reasons Why SEO Training Via Zoom Works Well

SEO Training Via Zoom – 6 Reasons Why It Works So Well

We’ve previously explained that DIY SEO can only take your brand so far. Professional, structured, one-to-one training that’s tailored to your organisation is the quickest and most effective way to gain the knowledge you need to take your digital marketing forward with the results you want.

Here at Front Page Advantage, we’re huge fans of one-to-one training via the cloud-based communications platform, Zoom. We know that this is an extremely convenient way of working that saves our customers time. (Not to mention the environmental and financial benefits of not having to travel anywhere.)

Training one-to-one over Zoom has a number of other benefits, too. Here, we list six of them:

  • It’s highly active

You won’t be learning generic things from a book or website before going away to implement them. Instead, you will be absorbing information as you go and, crucially, doing as you learn, so that you put learning into practice from the outset and get the best results extremely quickly.

  • Tailored to you

You won’t be sitting on a group call listening to the problems of 10 other delegates, all of which are completely irrelevant to your situation. Everything you discuss is designed to help your brand specifically and there’s none of what we sometimes call ‘death by PowerPoint’ – just a real person who’s determined to help. Equally, while SEO labour in some developing nations can be very cheap, at Front Page we supply our ‘real people’ without it costing the earth. 

  • Fit it around your schedule

With most general training courses, you have to attend when the sessions are being run; essentially that means at the time that’s best for the trainer. We, however, fully appreciate that people are busy and will fit in around you and your schedule, holding sessions to suit you and no one else. If that means working evenings or weekends, that’s fine by us.

  • The sessions you need – no more, no less

Sign up for generic training and you’re committed to the whole programme – or at least to paying for it. Our Zoom training means that if you book just one hour, after which time your SEO is perfect, we’ll be delighted to have helped you so efficiently. You won’t have wasted money or time on sessions you don’t really need.

Genuinely, all we want to do is help. We’re not about the hard sell. We’re always pleased to offer clients any additional sessions they may need, but certainly won’t push you to have more than you require to get the results you want.

  • There are no ‘silly’ questions

If you’re unsure whether something you need to know is a website-related or SEO query, then a one-to-one via Zoom with a digital marketing professional will answer your query. No one else will be listening in and equally importantly, you won’t have to listen to questions from others that are not relevant to what your brand does. Crucially, we don’t believe there are any ‘stupid’ questions. Training in this way gives you the time and space to ask us whatever you need to know.

  • Zoom works well as a tool

If you thought you might lose something by having one-to-one training online rather than in person, or that it would be overly complicated, think again. Zoom means it’s easy to join a call even if you don’t have your own account and there’s a handy whiteboard function, as well as a screen-share option. It’s secure, while video and audio are high quality.

Training from Front Page Advantage

At Front Page Advantage, we offer one-to-one SEO training over Zoom because we know it works. Get in touch right now for an initial chat about what we could do for your organisation, and how our dedicated, tailored sessions could give your digital marketing the boost it needs.