SEO Online Training

Why We Love SEO Online Training (and You Should, Too!)

Whatever your business offers, the audience you’re after is almost certainly looking for products or services like yours online, via search giants including Google. So if you want potential customers to visit your website, search engine optimisation or SEO should form a key part of any digital marketing strategy.

It will drive the kind of traffic and target audience you want, and will help you build your brand and credibility – without having to pay for advertising and while stealing a march on the competition.

However, it’s an increasingly technical area and one that’s changing all the time, with constant new developments from the rise in voice search to cluster keywords. Without the right knowledge and skills, it’s unlikely you will have the skills to get your brand on the front page of the likes of Google. What’s more, because Google is always making changes, with hundreds of algorithmic updates annually, the learning never stops. SEO is a theory, as well as a highly practical discipline.

Especially if you don’t already understand SEO in detail, it can be hard to know where to start. The sheer volume of information available can seem overwhelming. There will be a number of new concepts with which you will need to familiarise yourself.

While you can try to teach yourself online, it’s not easy. A highly structured, step-by-step process is typically the best process to adopt. Additionally, you will have to commit the necessary time and effort to your training, probably over a period of some months. During this time, you will need to put what you have learned into practice, rather than just reading the theory.

Training options available

Clearly, various options are on offer for training courses in Search Engine Optimisation. At the same time, there are a number of free SEO software tools available, including Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tools, MozCast and Keyword Hero, among others.

However, especially if your expertise is limited, as mentioned, even knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. Equally, even if you can find a training solution yourself that works, you need to be sure you have the time to invest in it.

A far more time-efficient option is live, one-to-one training for your particular website. This is a service that we are currently offering at Front Page Advantage. Our one-to-one training Zoom call will focus strongly on the issues that are specific to your own efforts, yielding better results more quickly. This type of training could also prove invaluable if you feel you have reached the limits of the SEO knowledge you can teach yourself. (Another solution, of course, is to appoint a specialist agency to shift your SEO up a gear.)

Training from Front Page Advantage

At Front Page Advantage, we have several years’ experience training a wide range of organisations of varying sizes operating in different sectors. We love passing on our expertise in both SEO and Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. What’s more, all our training is done in a highly tailored way to suit the individual client. Talk to us today about how we could help you pull your brand to the top of the search engine results.