Want To Improve Your PPC Click-Through Rate? Here’s How …

Understandably, all advertisers want to maximise the click-through-rate (CTR) from their pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Success will invariably come down to these three factors: the language you use in your ad, keyword selection and match type. Plus audience selection and targeting.

Let’s take each one of those in turn:

  • Language in your copy

In recent years, the language used in PPC ad copy has grown increasingly sophisticated. Make the most of all the available tools and remember you have two descriptions, three headlines and a growing number of extensions to play with. Although, mobile often serves just two headlines.

Make sure your ads contain crisp, compelling copy with no repeated words and a clear call to action, either at the top or bottom of the advert.

  • Audience selection and targeting

A large part of your CTR success will involve who you serve your PPC ads to, where they are, and when they see them – as well as the device on which they do so. So, it’s not a good idea to lump everyone together in the same basket. Use tools such as audience exclusions and bear in mind that Google makes location targeting a campaign choice.

  • Match types and keyword choices

These will probably have more impact on your CTR than anything else. Make sure your keyword choices are unambiguous – patent, for example, has two meanings, with patent leather being very different from a patent lawyer. Also, as we’ve urged previously, be sure that you’re making best possible use of negative keywords to exclude irrelevant terms.

Should your ad groups encompass many broad-match keywords, your adverts could be displaying for queries unintentionally. Often, this will be down to Google’s own keyword suggestion tool, which doesn’t always apply match-type signals automatically. However, a key at the bottom of the screen allows you to apply the right match type.

Generally, you need to be sure that your keywords are working hard to trigger the most profitable search queries possible, or your online marketing efforts will be wasted.

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