seo copywriting

SEO copywriting

Put simply, SEO writing is a form of copywriting that helps websites to rank more highly with Google and the other major internet search engines. While it can sometimes be misunderstood, it’s not something that’s complicated to get right if you know what you’re doing.

Essentially, good SEO writing is about creating content that ranks well with Google while persuading people to buy the product or service, learn more or sign up for an email newsletter. The copy must be consistently fresh, relevant, interesting, persuasive and well-optimised for search engines. It’s crafted to help businesses target customers with laser-like precision and solve prospects’ particular problems.

An SEO writer understands keywords and how Google feels about certain words and phrases, especially long-tail ones, i.e. the lengthier keyword phrases which are highly specific to whatever you’re selling.

You need a strategy for your content as well as your SEO more generally, and that’s where good copywriting can really make a difference.

Why it matters

1. Keywords matter
Your search engine results ranking depends on strategic use of keywords in the headline and throughout in your blog posts and web pages, without stuffing them. Only by doing this can you rank for the right keywords for your brand.

2. A better social life
Strong, relevant content that gives people what they’re looking for increases engagement via social media and networking sites. Google and other search juggernauts see this as validation.

3. Google needs content to rank your site
It stands to reason. If your website has no content, how can Google rank it in the search engine results pages? Good content also lets the likes of Google know the search terms and keywords for which it should be ranked.

4. Better chances of backlinks
You want people to link back to your blog or website from elsewhere on the internet other than just social media. With the best content, people will link to you because they like what they’ve read. Again, Google sees this as a form of validation, and ranks accordingly.

5. Search Task Accomplishment
This essentially just means that a search query provided the Google user with exactly the information they were looking for. Increasingly, search giants are taking an interest in this kind of human aspect of the way people browse the web.

Here to help
You can have the best design in the world for your site, but without the right words, crafted strategically, that effort will have been wasted. And if you think you may not have the resources in-house to get your wording spot-on every time, you’re not alone.

At Front Page, we can help, with access to professional, experienced SEO copywriters who can make sure your work ranks for SEO purposes while reading well and giving readers what they need to know. Give us a call.