How To Effectively Reduce Your Google Ads CPA

How To Effectively Reduce Your Google Ads CPA

If you’re not aware of what it means, CPA or Cost-Per-Acquisition is the average sum charged for a conversion from a Google Ad. It’s worked out by dividing the total cost of conversions by their total number. A conversion is when someone interacts with your ad, clicking on it and taking an action such as making a purchase or calling your business.

As we’ve written before, there have been some significant Google Ads changes of late and admittedly, this is an issue which has grown more complex recently. However, there are still things you can do to optimise CPA efficiency. If you’re wondering how you can actively reduce the CPA you pay, we’re here to help with this overview of half a dozen things to consider when optimizing it.

So, let’s look at how to reduce Google Ads CPA and get the best from your PPC advertising:

  • Campaign budget rebalancing

One of the best things you can do if you want to decrease your CPAs is to allocate budgets sensibly to those campaigns with the lowest CPAs. Keep your campaigns agile, changing them in step with your business goals.

  • Campaign bid and budget alignment

This is vital to achieving maximum efficiency – align your bids to the budget that you have for your campaign. If your budget is tight, consider dropping your ad group and keyword bids. Even if these are converting, it can make sense to drop bids and capture clicks and conversions for the same budget.

  • Keyword optimisation

You should be assessing which keywords trigger your ads, all without forgetting the importance of negative keywords.

  • Non-keyword bid adjustments

You can also adjust your bids in ways which don’t involve keywords. Make adjustments via Google Ads for the following, among others:

  • Device (e.g. mobile/desktop)
  • Audience
  • Demographic (age/household/gender)
  • Day of the week/time of day
  • Keyword changes

Remember that consumer search behaviour is changing all the time. You need to realise this and react to changes if you are to remain successful in the long term. In order to do this, among other things look at Google’s Keyword Planner plus the Search Terms Report.

  • Automated bid strategies

You may well find that, in the long term, automated bid strategies lead to better results than manual methods. However, bear in mind that automated bid strategies do not like rapid change. As a guide, over two weeks, don’t make adjustments of more than around 20%. Check bids and conversion tracking if you find that you’re losing auctions, not driving very much traffic or not hitting budget.

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Clearly, the list above is not exhaustive – they’re just a few pointers to improve your Google Ads accounts. At Front Page Advantage, we’re well versed in all aspects of making your CPA as efficient as possible. Talk to us today about this, whatever the size of your organisation and whatever sector or industry you operate in.