Front Page Advantage Sponsor Wedding Venue Masterclass Day.

In November 2021, Front Page Advantage were sponsors at the ‘Wedding Spaces Going Places Live’ hosted by Kelly Chandler Wedding Consulting. After what has been a particular rough 2 years for the wedding industry following the Covid-19 pandemic, it was an opportunity for wedding venue’s to come together in person. Kelly Chandler works with venues to help maximize their profits and success by hosting weddings. With 17 years of wedding industry experience, Kelly provides this day of training and inspiration for wedding venue teams. Having worked with Kelly on her own website and previously met some of the attendees through Kelly’s Membership Group, we were more than happy to offer our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expertise for the day. The day took place in central London at the RSA House and around 40 wedding venues including country houses, farms, charitable trusts and barns from all over the UK. It was great to hear everyone discuss how they had survived through tough times and how to grow their businesses going forward. 

SEO Advice For Wedding Venues

 As part of this, Lucy presented a 20 minute talk titled, “How Do You Know If Your SEO Is Really Working For You?”. The presentation covered a number of different aspects of SEO, including Ten Top Tips To Get Seen Online which covered:
  • Google your venue’s name to make sure the information shown is correct.
  • Using Google Analytics to find out how couples are finding your website.
  • Adding content in the form of recent weddings and event case studies to your website or blog.
  • Use Google My Business effectively so couple looking based upon location can find you.
  • Help search engines to understand the lovely images of your venue by including alt tags on images.

Why Invest In your Own Website When You Can Use Social Media? 

One issue which came to light during the day was the reliance on third party websites like Instagram,  Facebook and some wedding directories. In a couple of instances these sites had made changes which meant content had been lost and in some cases users locked out of their accounts. Your venue’s website is one digital property which you 100% own and control. This showed the value of investing time and effort in this and making sure that your website is delivering enquiries for your venue. 

Tick SEO Off Your To-Do List

We know that wedding venue hosts have to wear many different hats from venue tours, through to ensuring that a couples’ happy day or weekend goes without a hitch.  Ensuring that your wedding venue website is well optimised ensures that you have a constant supply of enquiries for your venue. So let Front Page Advantage remove one of the tasks off your to-do list and let us help optimize your website. 
If you are a wedding venue and would like to know how many people are visiting your website then sign up to receive your FREE Website Traffic Report. Or alternatively if you would like to know how your website could be optimised to drive more traffic, register for your FREE SEO Video Healthcheck.