Our Top Tips for Small Business SEO Strategies in 2022

Our Top Tips for Small Business SEO Strategies in 2022

If, as a small business, you’re still formulating your SEO strategy for this year, you’re certainly not alone. Despite the easing of pandemic-related restrictions in the UK this spring, Covid has left a number of uncertainties in its wake regarding consumer behaviour and business continuity.

Against that backdrop, here we offer our top tips for smaller organisations keen to boost their rankings in the search engine results.

  • Planning content sensibly

If you’re not doing this already, remember to keep producing regular fresh content on your website. This will help you build authority in your niche. Be accessible and inclusive in your messaging and link up email, social media and PPC marketing material for a consistent approach. Remember the importance of reviews, testimonials and industry recognition.

  • Finding the right words

When it comes to keyword choices, one effective strategy can be to focus on long-tail ones as you create content. Prioritise and go for quality over quantity. It’s a strategy that will also help you gain more featured snippets – the selected search results featured at the top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box.

  • Forge links with other local businesses

Don’t try and copy big businesses, even if they operate within a similar sector to your own. Carve out your own niche and build connections with other small businesses near you. Perhaps, for example, you could join forces in doing something good for the local community together?

  • Tell tales: sharing customer stories

Consider sharing brief reports about your interactions with customers at every stage of their journey, from initial query to after-sales care. These could form regular parts of your website content and should be shared via your social media channels. Do some basic SEO optimisation on this content while also making it easy for customers to give you relevant feedback.

  • Stay abreast of emerging search trends

Look for keyword opportunities and content gaps. See how you can answer specific customer queries and stay ahead of Google’s changes to its algorithm. If you’re adding ecommerce via a platform such as Amazon or Shopify, understand how to optimise product pages in the current environment.

Finally, it’s important that you remain resourceful. Make the most of things like tools which can automate online review requests and management, as well as your responses to reviews. Probably the only certainty about 2022 is that it is set to bring more uncertainty in a post-pandemic world. Be clear on your small business’s SEO strategy as you move through the year to counteract this.

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