The Most Important PPC Trends In 2022

The Most Important PPC Trends In 2022?

Clients often ask us about the latest trends and developments in the world of PPC or Pay-per-Click advertising, so this is something we like to look at from time to time and pass on to them. Here, we bring you up to date with some aspects of the discipline which are likely to remain popular throughout 2022.

  • Automation

This has been gathering pace over the last couple of months, but industry insiders predict it will become even bigger this year. It can help marketers make informed, data-driven decisions across multiple channels and platforms.

  • Audience targeting

We’re likely to see fewer keywords this year, meaning we can rely on these less, so it will become increasingly important to target and capture your audience and to understand their characteristics.

  • Diversification

Remember that PPC ads don’t exist in isolation and won’t be as effective alone. It will become increasingly important for them to work in tandem with other channels, including email and affiliate marketing, SEO and PR.

  • Testing, testing

Although the end of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) is approaching in 2022, you should continue to test them for as long as possible. Equally, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) also need testing.

  • First-party data

Given the ongoing concerns around privacy and the likes of Apple and Google limiting tracking methods for that reason, your brand should be working on acquiring first-party data. Equally, the integration of this data with advertising platforms is set to be crucial. 

  • Responsive Search Ads

With search giant Google soon retiring ETAs, if you already use RSAs, you’ll be one step ahead. These ads do need a strategic approach to build up comprehensive, targeted messaging.

  • Offline conversion tracking

With this powerful advertising tool, you can better track offline sales from Google Ads and other sources including phone calls, form submissions, downloads and so on. Equally, now could be a good time to get right back to basics and look at again at fundamentals such as match types and bidding.

Finally, you’ll probably need to be prepared for just about anything in 2022! After all, while the worst of Covid seems to be over, we’re not quite back to a time of complete predictability just yet. Advertisers will no doubt want to remain nimble and flexible.

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