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What is it like partnering with Front Page Advantage – from the onboarding to the every day

When it comes to selecting search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) agencies, it can all feel quite daunting. Whether this is your first time searching for an agency or not, you will likely have lots of questions and concerns. How will it all work, what information is needed, and will you understand the terminology?

In this article we will explain what to expect when first partnering with Front Page Advantage (FPA), from the initial meeting to your first campaign launch as well as the ongoing account management and support.

Initial client meeting

This is usually the first step and typically carried out over Zoom or in person. We want to find more about you and your business, and it’s an opportunity for you to see if you like us. We like to keep things friendly and informal and avoid using technical jargon so that we can understand each other.

At Front Page Advantage we provide a single and consistent point of contact for both SEO and PPC, however you may find that both Chris and Lucy, as co-owners, attend this first meeting. During this call we will gain an understanding of your business and your customers. We’ll build a picture of your product range, unique selling points, what you are seeking to achieve, the geographical areas you target, and much more. We’re keen to learn about other marketing activities you have run or are planning. If you are switching agencies then we’ll be seeking to identify any missed opportunities, optimise existing activities, and understand what has previously worked well – and what hasn’t!

We feel that this meeting is a great investment for both parties as the clearer we understand your business the more effective and efficient our work can be and the better the results for you. Whether you are new to SEO, PPC or switching agencies, our aim is to gather the key information needed to provide you with the highest possible return on investment.


“I remember the very first call we had with FPA was on a Friday night. My business partner (my husband) and I met with Chris and Lucy (also a husband and wife team). FPA were flexible enough to meet with us at 8 in the evening so we didn’t need to take time out of the office and allowed us to fit around our family when we could easily talk once the kids were in bed.”

Ilhea Rhee, Bounty Road Dental Practice

Audit and strategy

After this initial meeting, FPA will conduct a thorough SEO/PPC audit.

SEO starts by analysing on-line content, technical website factors, rankings, links, and how local search performance has performed. We advise clients on how their business processes could be changed to encourage more Google reviews from happy clients.

For PPC we conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis. This helps us identify which words and terms we would recommend bidding on. We can also see the types of messaging that your competitors use and suggest the best items to use in your campaigns. We then work with you on a strategy and areas of focus to ensure that your website is ranked highly for the search terms agreed.

The activity

Before SEO is put in place and PPC campaigns are designed and put live, the outputs from the audit are discussed with you to ensure we both have the same understanding. This can also help us gain further valuable insight. Only when both parties are happy will we progress.

Performance of this work is initially monitored daily so we can tweak things to get the highest level of good quality clicks for the lowest budget. We continue to monitor the performance of landing pages and messaging as well as optimising the campaigns for the locations that offer the best click to enquiry to sales/appointment booking ratio. Getting lots of clicks is nice, but unless these convert into bookings or orders, they are of little benefit. This is why we track the data from start to end. We also ask you for feedback on the enquiries you are receiving from Google ads to see if we need to change the messaging in the adverts or identify if perhaps there are common concerns or questions which can easily be addressed. We are happy to work directly with those in your company who field these queries if that works better for you.

Ongoing management and support

Once up and running, you can expect regular reports and meetings to monitor progress and discuss what has worked and what hasn’t. This will be followed by a plan of action with agreed targets for the following month. We don’t expect you to be experts in SEO or PPC, so we summarise the areas we plan to focus on and keep reporting straight forward.

“I feel that I am a customer in whom FPA have a genuine interest. I receive monthly reports which I find useful and if I don’t understand anything in their report, they are always happy to take my call and clarify things.”

Captain Keith, Business Owner of Flying Without Fear

“I just want to say a big thank you for the 1:1 training session this afternoon. It was really helpful and I expect to be reaching out again soon for another session.”

Rebecca East, PPC Executive, Confidential Marketing Agency

Will the set up take too much time out of the business?

We will try to minimise the impact on your time, but the initial fact-finding exercise and campaign refinements are important and will allow us to quickly deliver results. When transferring agencies, we will make the experience as smooth as possible, and this is usually easier where an existing Google account can be transferred across.

We want you to feel that we are an extension of your team, so we are comfortable working alongside your web developer/agency or any other members of your staff if this will make things more efficient or deliver a better outcome. We want to minimise unnecessary back and forth communication and find this can be achieved by ensuring that we all understand what we are doing and why.

“Lucy and her team worked directly with our receptionist, who takes the bookings, and is able to provide real time feedback on the amount and quality of calls coming in from the campaign. This means changes can be made in a timely manner to dial results up or down depending upon the number of available appointments.”

Ilhea Rhee, Bounty Road Dental Practice

What to expect when partnering with Front Page Advantage

We have a shared goal – to get your business found online. We aim to do this while also providing you with a great return on your investment. We do this using the knowledge we build up of your business and work extremely hard to bring targeted and engaged visitors to you. We believe that a client centric and transparent service along with excellent results is the key to retaining loyal and happy customers. The fact that most of our clients have been with us over 5 years is testament to this.

We don’t tie clients into long contracts to retain them, instead we offer the flexibility of 30-day contracts. We also give clients ownership of their Google account which makes it easy for them to change agency if they don’t feel they are getting value. Ownership of the Google account also has the benefit of giving clients the full visibility of where their money is spent with one invoice from Google for the ad spend and one from FPA for the management.

“I would highly recommend Front Page Advantage to anyone who is looking to realise the true potential of their website. We all know you can have the best website in the world but if people aren’t visiting it then you’ve wasted your money. FPA have worked with me for 5 years and they have been a superb resource – excellent service, speedy delivery, knowledgeable and understanding of what their clients are trying to achieve.”

Graeme Robinson from Capita

If you would like to chat about working with the FPA team and understand how our SEO and PPC packages can help you to rank high on Google, give Lucy or Chris a call on 01256 517473 or contact us here.