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Making best use of PPC in the time of corona

Clearly, the coronavirus is one of the biggest crises most of us have faced, or, frankly, are likely to face in our lifetime. Digital marketers have had to dig deep into their reserves of patience, creativity, flexibility and agility to respond.

And while you may have been tempted to cut back on Pay-per-Click (PPC) spend just now, this spring the average cost-per-click plunged by more than 50% across a myriad of sectors, creating some huge opportunities for highly effective digital advertising. Understand more about what PPC is here.

After all, many of us have shifted more of our lives online since the outbreak, creating more chances than ever for brands to reach people virtually.

Here are some tips for harnessing and maximising the power of PPC advertising during these strangest of times:

  • Look at budgets and spending

You may want to reallocate some resources to fund products or services which are currently more relevant, or maximise results by shifting money to your best-performing campaigns.

Additionally, look out for any chunks of budget which may not have been used and direct them where they are most needed. Equally, you may find a monthly spend rather than a daily budget helps to pace your spend more evenly.

  • Take a fresh look at keywords

Analyse your target keywords. Which ones are giving you the best value for your money? Use your available budget on keywords that are the most cost-effective when it comes to yielding leads.

Finally, it’s a great idea to keep notes on all the changes you make to your PPC operation and the impact they have, so that you become a smarter PPC advertiser, not only for now but when things become more normal, even if that’s a rather different normal to the one we’re used to.

  • Shifting messaging and promotions

Think about what you offer your customers, and whether your product or service is essential. Could you make a shift to promoting something that’s currently more in demand?

If it’s not yet appropriate for people to visit you in person, change your online calls to action accordingly. It may also be worth removing any website images showing large groups of people, or updating opening hours or your virus response. In terms of online shipping, stress your free, fast delivery if you offer that, using ad copy or extensions.

All these changes need to be consistent across your online presence.

How we can help

Front Page Advantage has extensive PPC experience with clients of different sizes from hugely varied industries and sectors so take a look at here at our PPC service. Talk to us about how to maximise your pay-per-click spend and emerge from the pandemic in robust health.

Equally, if you are new to us, and are running a PPC campaign or are working with an agency that isn’t giving you the results you need, get in touch. Let us chat through some ideas for getting more from your PPC spend, and we’ll allocate you an account manager as a single point of contact.