10 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is Worth the Investment

10 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is Worth the Investment

Choosing to spend your marketing budget on paid advertising can be a difficult decision, especially when you are unsure if you will get the best return on your investment. So to put your fears at ease, I have devised 10 reasons why Facebook ads are worth every penny.

  1. Facebook Ads Allow your company to actively find potential customers

This is the primary difference between paid search and Facebook advertising; you are calling out to your ideal target market instead of customers trying to search for your business. After choosing which audience you want the ads to appear to, they will then show up amongst their Facebook news feed.

  1. The platform has 1.5 BILLION Users!

That is a lot of prospect customers! And with Facebook being the largest social channel with 70% daily users available means that Facebook’s continual growth will open the gates to more potential customers. But how do tackle these billions of users? Well, Facebook ads allow you to target your perfect audience, giving you a bigger pond of potential customers to fish from.

  1. Target Your Perfect Customer
Facebook target audience in UK
Image by Blog.KissMetrics

 Instead of paid search where any old Joe can click on your ads, Facebook allows you to select different attributes of your perfect customer such as, demographics, age, gender, interests, lifestyle and life events such as getting married – yes it is a little bit creepy but such an impressive tool to utilise. By specifically targeting your audience your clicks are more likely to generate genuine leads/sales and therefore increase your ROI.

  1. Facebook Has the Biggest Mobile-Only User Base

Facebook Mobile Ads

More users are turning to mobile and Facebook with almost half of its users (727 million users to be precise) only accessing the channel through their mobiles. To get on board with the increasing interest of mobile usage, advertising on Facebook’s app is the best way to target these customers.

  1. Call Now Button
Facebook Click to Call Ads
Image by Social Media Examiner

What better way to utilise the millions of mobile users than a “Call Now” button? It is useful for both consumer and owner, as users can make a quick conversion instead of filling out a contact form and businesses can then rely specifically on phone calls rather than funnels.

  1. The most cost-effective platform available

Although each campaign is individual and ads in retail tend to be more competitive, on average Facebook advertising has the lowest costs.

Research carried out by Salesforce, which can be seen in the table below, breaks down the average Cost-per-Click (CPC) Cost-Per-Impression (CPM) and Click-Through-rate (CTR) from early 2015 compared to late 2015 around the globe.

Sale Force's Key Facebook Media Costs and Performance to Know
Image by Salesforce.

The global CTR over the year has increased by 17%. That is a 6% further increase compared with 2014, showing that Facebook ads continually produce a higher engagement year after year.

  1. Use Facebook Analytics to Monitor Ads

Similar to paid search, Facebook advertising allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns. You can analyse the CPC, CPM and CTR to determine where your money is being spent and the level of engagement, giving you an idea of where you’re succeeding and areas for improvement so you can ensure the maximum ROI. 

  1. Relevance Scores

Facebook ads relevance scores


Facebook have recently added a tool to their analytics called Relevance Score. This score is similar to Google’s quality score for AdWords and essentially rates how engaging your ads are. If your ads are more engaging, you will get more impressions and lower cost per impression. This feature is well worth utilising to ensure your ads are engaging with your audience in a cost-effective way.

  1. Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing

Simple and effective – Facebook’s remarketing is especially useful for e-commerce websites, as the tool displays your ads like product-listing ads and pops up amongst user’s news feed, dependent on their purchasing history and shopping habits. So if a customer didn’t feel like purchasing your product at that precise moment, remarketing their chosen products makes them 4x more likely to convert whilst browsing through their newsfeed.

  1. Carousel Ads

Carousel Facebook Ads

Another special feature of Facebook is Carousel Ads, which allow you to display 3-5 images in a single advert, with different links per image so you can direct the user to several pages of your site.

Is Facebook Ads Worth the money?

Definitely. Facebook ads provide various features that work perfectly to ensure you get the most out of your investment and with the breakdown of CPC, CPM and CTR it allows you to keep a close eye on where your budget is being spent.

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